About David


Hi! I’m David. I’m a 40 year old husband, father, engineer, writer, musician, chef, and all-around generalist living in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

My Story

From picking up extra paper routes as a kid to building web pages while holding down a full-time job, I’ve always had side gigs before “side hustling” was even a thing.

I grew up a tinkerer, opening up gadgets to see how they worked and writing programs on my Commodore 64. When my family moved to Florida, I got a job at a local television repair company and started selling computers on the side. I was 14. I also mowed lawns, babysat, and took other odd jobs to support my addiction to Spiderman comics and pool.

After a brief stint at a community college, I joined the Army and spent time in Europe as a soldier, exploring, continuing my education, and learning German. When I came back to the states, I turned my experience in to a full-time software engineer job with a major firm that never hired candidates without a 4-year degree. By then, the internet was a thing, and I started taking side jobs building web pages and databases.

In 2000, I moved to Colorado and landed a job with my current company, continuing my career as a software engineer and building web pages on the side. Eventually, building sites for other people turned in to building sites for my own interests.

Why The Side Hustle?

One of the questions I get asked the most is why I’m doing the side hustle and why I’m not making the leap to become a full-time entrepreneur. The answer is easy.Where many internet entrepreneurial stories begin with a dead-end job, I love my day job. I’ve had a very fortunate career with my company, and in 2014 they moved me across the company to basically do my dream job.

As much as I love my day job, I like having the ability to flex my creative muscles and challenge myself to create something from nothing. There has never been a better time to try something new and to create a tribe of people that share similar interests.

I also like helping people, and a few of my blogs are focused on teaching others the skills I’ve picked up along the way.  For me, my side hustle feeds my creative spirit and provides me with an opportunity to give back.

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What Is kettlepot?

kettlepot Ventures is my umbrella company under which I run all of my side hustles. kettlepot comes from the “pot calling the kettle black” idiom that is used to claim that one person is guilty of the same thing they are accusing another person. I’ve used the term “kettlepot” for a long time, and it serves as a reminder to me be humble, to put myself in other people’s shoes, and to keep an open mind.

Thank you for taking the time to read more about me. I hope you find the blog and resources useful. I welcome any feedback or questions you might have, and I wish you luck in pursuing your own ventures!


Multiple Ventures, One Roof